Babies & Infants / Pre & Postnatal Reiki

Alexia writes:

“When my first son was born I didn’t have a ‘tribe’ or a ‘village’. I was broken on many levels; no midwife or health visitor could give me what I yearned for. My son and I needed healing, and since becoming a Reiki practitioner have vowed to heal women in this vulnerable transitional stage. My newborn was unsettled to say the least. He had a lot going on, from silent reflux, to birthmarks, kidney issues, poor weight gain, eczema and allergies. He together with my difficult experience set my path anew to follow a holistic healing quest!

Babies and infants can benefit greatly from Reiki treatments, and in turn so do their families. Little ones are so amazingly receptive to energy healing in their purity. Reiki offers comfort and thus reduces crying or fussing in a way that quietens the house and calms distraught parents.

Reiki can help restlessness and discomfort in babies and infants such as teething, colic or reflux, and hastens recovery from the stress and trauma of birth.

Reiki helps to restore harmony and a healthy flow of energy. It also assist in reversing failure to thrive, weight gain problems and sleeplessness when once-fussy babies shake off their physical stress.

Reiki can be given while simply holding the baby, or given by distance which is the recommended method for fragile babies & premmies. Treatments for little ones may only last for 10 – 20 minutes depending on need. Reiki can also be lovingly transferred to the baby’s blanket, bed or sleepwear to encourage sleep. It is a gentle and safe holistic treatment which gives Mum and Dad a much needed helping hand.

The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and you may find that contrary to expectation it’s not all love and cuddles. Your body changes. Deep seated issues may arise, old emotional wounds may open up. You may feel isolated, even helpless at times. The lack of sleep and constant focus can be so utterly exhausting.

Reiki can aid this transition and give new new Mum’s and mums-to-be much needed healing on so many levels ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From easing the aches and pains of pregnancy, to the emotional rollercoaster that transition brings, Reiki is a safe and comforting holistic treatment which can help you through the process.”

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