Reiki Healing Services

Alexia offers the following treatments:

40 minutes pure Reiki session – £40

1 hour Reiki session including chakra balancing and soundbath or intention & manifestation work – £60

Intention & manifestation Reiki ~ helps break behavioural cycles (20 minutes) – £30

Baby & Infant Reiki (up to 20 mins) – £30

Pre & Postnatal Reiki (30 mins) – £40

Distance healing (30 minutes) – £30

Urban Wilds Wellness Walk – a three hour experience in southwest London which includes mindful walking, wildlife spotting, breathwork and a soothing woodland Reiki session. We will also pause to take in the only protected view of the Thames. This is an immersive experience offering transformative deep healing and nourishment of the body mind and soul. (May also include tree hugging & barefoot walking!) – £150

Transformational Reiki Healing Package – 5 sessions tailored to your needs. Starting with intention setting, finding the root cause, sound and nature immersion, reiki release and rest period – £300

Block of 5 x 60 minute pure Reiki sessions – £240

Coffee divination/Tasseology (30-45 minutes) – £40

Payment via bank transfer or cash on the day of the treatment. There is a cancellation charge within 24 hours of 50% ~ thank you for your understanding.

Aside from pure Reiki, Alexia is also qualified in EFT (emotional freedom technique) therapy and uses Shadow Work to enhance the relationship with the self. Please ask if you have any questions.